Upgrading the meter on each home and business from Yarmouth to Meat Cove – and in every community in between – is a big job. It’s about 500,000 meters in total, and we plan to swap out an average of 2,000 per day. We will begin installing new meters in the fall of 2019 and aim to be finished by early 2021.

We will notify you in advance to let you know when we’ll be making upgrades in your community. In most cases, nothing is required by you. Larger customers, like businesses, office buildings and public institutions, and customers with indoor meters that are inaccessible, will require an appointment, which will be booked in advance.

Until our provincewide roll-out of new meters is complete, how we serve you won’t change. You will continue to have your meter manually read every two months, while we build the smart meter network.

Once the new meters are fully upgraded, we will activate the “smart” technology in the meter, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of smart meters. Until the smart technology is activated, your new meter will act like your current meter today.

Timeline Infographic